Immersion Probe with Variable Pathlength

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For true flexibility during absorbance measurements in fluids, its really useful to be able to vary the pathlength quickly and easily. This variable pathlength immersion probe has a thread cut intio the tip which allows the user to simply screw or unscrew the tip to incease or decrease the pathlength. Once the desired setting has been acheived, you can simply tighten the set scerw and lock it into position. The pathlength can be set from 0-20mm.

A standard SMA905 connector is used to couple light into a fibre bundle, consisting out of six fibres. The light is transmitted to the probe end, where it crosses the predetermined gap and is then reflected against a diffuse white reflective material back onto the receiving 'read' fibre, which is coupled to a spectrometer on the second leg of the probe.

The read fibre is placed in the centre of the illumination fibre bundle to provide the best collection efficiency for the probe. Both bundles are housed in flexible stainless steel jacketing and the probe tip is also made of stainless steel.  At the mid-point of the assembly a ferrule is used to split the fibres into their respective legs (illumination or read) which are terminated in SMA905 connectors.

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