NEW - NEXOS Replaceable Slit UV/VIS/NIR 2048 Pixel Spectrometer

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The AvaSpec-NXS2048CL, or NEXOS, is the latest edition to the Compactline family of of fibre optic spectrometers. Produced using an almost completely automated process from start to finish, the NEXOS offers unrivalled precision and consistency in unit to unit production and performance, whilst offering super fast scale up for production for high volumes.

This preconfigured option exclusive to is a member of the COMPACTLINE family of fibre optic spectrometers and a 2048 pixel CMOS detector, trusted 75mm symmetrical Czerny-Turner optical bench and is optimised for applications over 190-1100nm and is fitted with a replaceable, easy to change slit so the user can easily and quickly optimise the configuration to adapt to differing demands of resolution and/or sensitivity. Depending on the size chose, resolution can be as high as 1.0nm (FWHM) across 190-1100nm, or benefit from a wider 500um slit to capture as much light as possible in applications where levels are low.

With the best sensitivity from 190-1100nm and exceptional performance, the AvaSpec-NXS2048CL is perfect as a general purpose spectrometer and in OEM applications.

Pre-installed options are order sorting filters to prevent 2nd order effects, a detector collection lens to enhance overall sensitivity and a 25µm entrance slit. 

It connects and draws power from the PC via USB2, and is supplied complete with AvaSoft-BASIC software, a full manual including quick start guide, medium duty protection case, and is covered by a 3 years RTB warranty.

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