Spectral Calibration Sources

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The AvaLight-CAL lamp range are spectral calibration lamps. It’s available in Mercury-Argon (253.6-922.5 nm), Neon (337-1084.5 nm), Argon (696.5-1704 nm) Zinc (202.5-636.2 nm) and Cadmium (214.4-643.8 nm) versions. The major lines including their relative intensity and structures are illustrated on a label of the underside of the lamp for easy reference.

The standard SMA905 connector allows easy connection between the lamp and optical fibres, making the AvaLight-CAL an ideal wavelength calibration system for any fibre optic spectrometer system. AvaSoft-Full spectroscopy software includes an automatic recalibration procedure.

A suitable power supply is also included.

For full technical details on our calibration light sources, please click here.